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Ah, am I supposed to post a profile of myself? D:

Here goes!

Name: Dave M. Host
Age: 18 (and a half!)
Gender: Male
Height: 160 centimeters
Personality: ...I hate to say this, but I'm a complete pushover. But I'm nice!
Other: I'm gay and proud of it! Or maybe I'm just Ziggy-sexual, because I still haven't found anybody since. (Or maybe nobody else is interested, ha ha.) And, yes. I'm working on posting my "backstory" on my journal, because it seems like the thing to do.
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Dave. Oh, man... Hello, and Merry Christmas.

A pushover... hm... >D Who wouldn't like you? Really now.
(...Did I say/do something wrong?) Oh, a merry Christmas to you too, Tree!

I wish it wasn't true. :( And plenty of people, I mean, I'm not a very amazing person.
(Nope, it's just been a while...) How did yours go?

It's alright. Don't worrry about it; we'll toughen you up. Liar... Oh, well, there's nothing wrong with you. Why do you guys (you and Stephano, mostly) keep saying stuff like that? For chrissakes, have some confidence!
(That it has.) It was fine, quite fun actually.

Um, maybe I'm tough enough already. I don't know if I like the sound of you fellows "toughening me up"... I can't speak for Stephano, but I have plenty of confidence! Just. Not when it comes to people.
So, what did you do?

... Don't be so worried. If we can raise Alice, then we can certainly toughen you up (but not too much). Dave, that's exactly what I mean. ¬_¬"
I just spent the city, had a bit of a lark and all that. Hung about book shops and the like, you know?

All right, that makes sense. Although I don't think I've seen Alice around for a while... Er. I guess you've got me there.
By yourself? Well, I'll have to give you your present sometime...

Yep. Er... Alice, right... ¬¬" Ha. For once, I believe I may be making sense.
Why not? It's easier to people-watch that way. And...would you believe it, I completely forgot about presents. Oh dear.

...Has he died?
True, but it's fun to hang out with friends, too. Whatever- I don't need anything.

Of course not. At least I don't think so... Note to self: Check on Alice and Allen.